March 22, 2018



Missouri S&T is proud to serve as one of the most advanced research institutions in the United States. As a benefit of this distinction, Missouri S&T is often on the leading edge of innovative technologies and processes which we have integrated into our campus life.

One example of this innovative spirit is our geothermal heating/cooling system. Prior to 2014, Missouri S&T heated and cooled all of our buildings and water through the use of a coalfired plant on campus. After several years of construction, our campus is now heated and cooled through the use of a geothermal system powered by the Earth’s core to heat our buildings and our water. This system is already saving our students over $1,000,000 per year, cutting our energy usage by 57%, reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by 25,000 tons per year, and cutting our annual water usage by 18,730,000 gallons. Missouri S&T is saving the equivalent amount of water to almost 300,000,000 cups of coffee each year or taking 4,600 cars off of the road.

In addition to green initiatives like the geothermal project, Missouri S&T is changing its policies to reflect the needs of a new generation of students. One of these changes includes the creation of a “Residential Experience” in order to better connect the information which students are learning in the classroom to the real world experiences which they are encountering in their residence halls. Through this new initiative, the Department of Residential Life has helped countless students “discover themselves and discover their impact.”