March 22, 2018

Residence Hall Association

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Missouri S&T’s RHA was officially recognized by the university in 1981, although we have existed in other forms for over 100 years. Today, Missouri S&T is proud to boast one of the largest RHA bodies in the Midwest region. Representing five different residence halls, sixty general body members come together to vote on budgets and proposals affecting over two thousand residents. Our RHA is proud to be the recipient of many regional and national awards, including most recently the MACURH Commitment to Philanthropy award in 2015.

RHA hosts a plethora of traditions each year. At the beginning of the fall semester, RHA partners with our Student Union Board to host an ice cream social for all of the incoming freshmen. RHA also hosts a myriad of programs in the early fall, called Fall Fest, which includes many small programs – dodgeball, barbeques, and water sports – as well as large traditional programs at each of the complexes – like carnivals and cookouts. In the spring, we put on a school-wide formal dance known as Snow Ball. RHA also partners with several other student organizations to host an annual Blarney Bash during the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Blarney Bash is a 4-day long series of programs, including carnivals, talent shows, movie nights, and several Late-Night Breakfasts.

The organization is primarily led by our President, Vice President-Internal, and Vice President-External. The President is the face of the organization and chairs general meetings, as well as represents the interests of our RHA when reaching out to our Residential Life department and other organizations on campus. The Vice President- Internal coordinates the remainder of our executive board, especially our various chairs, to ensure the organization reaches the goals it has established. The Vice President-External serves as our RHA’s primary contact with the region in the NCC role and coordinates programming efforts with outside student organizations, including Greek Life.