March 23, 2018

Residential Life


Our RA Involvement

Missouri S&T’s Residential Life Staff play a key role in developing the residents within the halls of our campus, so much so that we have multiple different levels of staff members working on our team. These individuals are always ready and willing to assist RHA and our local HAs, and you will likely see them around campus while visiting Missouri S&T. Below are some examples of the different RAs you might encounter.

Resident Assistants

These individuals are the first year staff members at Missouri S&T. Along with creating a floor community among their residents in the residence halls, the RAs are responsible for hosting educational programs to teach their residents Missouri S&T’s residential experience curriculum. The RAs are also selected by their peers and the RAs before them, allowing current students to choose who the next student leaders should be.

Senior Resident Assistants

These individuals have already served the halls as an RA for a full year and are returning to spend another year with staff and their residents. Along with the responsibilities of a first year RA, the SRA team mentors first-year staff members in mentor groups as well as assisting in overall staff development.

Programming Resource Assistants

These individuals have already spent a full year as an RA and are returning to focus on creating and promoting campus-wide programs. The PRA team collaborates with campus stakeholders to develop the best campus community possible.

The HPR Team

This team consists of the Head Residents (HR) and a Head Programmer (HP). The HP supervises the PRA team, and they complete administrative duties while collaborating with the Assistant Director to track and assess stakeholder relationships and the residential curriculum. The HRs, along with their Resident Director (RD), supervise the SRAs and RAs, and they perform administrative duties for their assigned complex. They track and assess student engagement in their complex and assist the RD with operations of the building.