March 23, 2018



Joint boardroom will be held in Butler Carlton Hall room 125. This room seats up to 210 people and is just roomy enough that delegates can breathe, but not so expansive that delegates will feel disconnected from the meeting. Outlets are found at each seat. Also, projectors, screens, sound system, whiteboard, computer, and any other technology needed for presentations is available.

The delegates will be meeting for split boardrooms in the lecture halls of James E. Bertelsmeyer Hall. Bertelsmeyer is three stories tall – including the basement which holds two large lecture halls – and was built in 2014. A distinct feature of the building is the huge research facility visible through glass windows outside the building. It had numerous classrooms and labs since it is the home of the chemical and biological engineering programs here at Missouri S&T.

The building has campus Wi-Fi access and a student lounge that will be available to all conference delegates. The building houses one 151 seat lecture hall and two 115 seat lecture halls, which can divide into four 49 seat lecture halls, that will be utilized for boardrooms. All these rooms are equipped with projectors, computers, sound systems, along with other technology that will be necessary for presentations. Outlets are available at every seat. Hospitality will also be available in each boardroom. These lecture halls are comfortable and have quite a lot of room to work with.