March 20, 2018


Social Media

Show your conference spirit by demonstrating how gneiss your delegation’s rock knowledge is.  Tuesday’s leading up to the conference, the conference team will be sending out Trivia Tuesday questions for you and your friends to answer.  Rock the competition by being the fastest to answer and win your team 2 Spirit Stones each! Be sure to follow the MACURH 2018 RLC on our social media pages to find out more!

Before the Conference

For the Roll Call, Banner, and Diorama, your delegation will earn 5 Spirit Stones for submitting one from each category and can earn up to 20 Spirit Stones based on scores from our judges.  Information on these categories can be found in the RLC Spirit Webinar.  In addition to these Stones, the school with the best entry in each category will earn a Spirit Trophy to bring back to their school.  To submit, see below!

Rock and Roll Call

Get ready to show your school spirit by submitting a 30 second roll call video or cheer and showcase your delegation, shining bright for all to see. The more you shake, rattle, and roll, the more gems you will see come your way.

Click here to submit your Rock and Roll Call!

Sedimentary Banner

Reveal the layers of your school's delegation by putting together an E-banner to be presented at the Opening Ceremonies. Each banner will be given a spot and will run at the beginning of the conference.

Click here to submit your Sedimentary Banner!

Stone Cold Display

Show your inner miner by creating the coolest conference display that proves that your school can explore the depths of their creativity. The more “jewel-studded” the display, the more spirit gems you can secure for your school. We are excited to see your displays at the conference!

During the Conference

Educational Sessions

Because programming is a significant part of each MACURH Conference, we have decided the award delegations Stones for Educational Session submissions and for the Top 10 Sessions.  Schools will be awarded 5 Spirit Stones per session submitted and 10 Spirit Stones for having a session selected in our Top 10 sessions.

Click here for information on submitting educational sessions!


Support our philanthropic initiative by bringing pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Earn 2 Spirit Stones per ounce of Pop Tabs!

Landmark Scavenger Hunt

Participating in the Scavenger Hunt during the Conference will earn your delegation 1 Spirit Stone per landmark found!

Smashing of the Spirit Stones

During the ceremonies, you and a random delegate will come together to break a geode for both of you to take home.  All delegates at the conference will be given a chance to meet a new friend and take home part of a geode. While the geode may break, the bond you are your new friend form will last forever!