September 18, 2018

Submit an Educational Session

Example Guidebook Description:
'There are all sorts of amazing moments in every one of our days! Let’s take a moment to learn about all the different ways to appreciate the different “gems” we’ve witnessed along our journey -- those particularly awesome moments of kindness and leadership that are perhaps hidden away from the untrained eye.'


Example Outline for Program:
'Gem Collecting
5 minutes introducing ourselves and explaining a “gem” as those remarkable acts of service and leadership throughout the day, 10 minutes outlining our efforts with NRHH to recognize and “collect” the more elusive “gems”, 10 minutes for group reflection sharing school experiences, 15 minutes (active) creating a gem to showcase an act of kindness and leadership putting nonstandard pieces of paper [scraps of paper], 10 minutes sharing what moment each group’s gems represent'