March 20, 2018


Important Dates


Submissions Open: September 8th, 12:00 A.M.

Submissions Close: October 19th, 12:00 A.M.

Evaluation: October 19th - October 26th

Email Confirmations: By October 26th

Educational Sessions

Registration for Educational Sessions (previously known as "Programs") have opened up! We are excited to delve down deep into these caverns of self-exploration with you all, and to see what stories and experiences you want to share and create with everyone else.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Brett Sears, the programming chair at :
Active Educational Sessions are events where, as a presenter, you get your own space, and you lead everyone through an activity in that space. It can be a discussion, a presentation, an active game, etc. The core's the limit here, people! Again, for those wonderful returning delegates, this is what was traditionally known as simply "programming."
Passive Educational Sessions are an exciting new opportunity for delegates to express themselves and create even MORE experiences! They are a way for delegates to disseminate and interact with information in a more casual manner. They are essentially a way to have Active Educaitonal Sessions in pamphlet form. Really get to the core of what experiences you want to create by putting a trifold or some other form of display together that educates or challenges delegates to think in new ways.

Programming Tracks

Starting an Expedition!
  • Bring people together and be ready to guide them
  • Take Initiative, reach for your goals
  • Inspire and encourage others to take action, and never give up
  • Help others discover the Leader in them
  • Lead by Example
Blast your way through!
  • Always keep growing and always set a better example
  • Obstacles are an opportunity to grow, welcome them!
  • Think outside the box!
  • Be positive and take control, don't let minor setbacks keep you down
  • Don't be afraid to acknowledge your weaknesses, don't use your weaknesses as an excuse to quit! Dig Deeper!
  • Help others! Teach them to make your strengths their own!
Starlit Caverns of Service!
  • Ripple effect - One small act of kindness can go a long way, like starlight reaching earth
  • Many ways to serve, both directly and indirectly
  • Many causes to serve
  • Rewarding in a way that is unique only unto itself
  • Learn about the world from a unique perspective
Erupting Geyser of Education!
  • Anything can be an opportunity to learn
  • Always be willing to learn
  • Always keep an open mind, new insight can trigger new ideas
  • Appreciate differences in various approaches, and learn to incorporate them in your own ideas
  • Be willing to listen, before you are ready to talk!
Gems at Journey's End!
  • Recognize hard work and dedication
  • Levels of recognition
  • Personal appreciation versus public appreciation
  • Recognize contribution
Diamond in the Rough!
  • Shine and celebrate diversity
  • Learn from other's journeys and expeditions
  • Look with new perspectives
Let's Do It Again!
  • Never forget where we started, remember our roots
  • Learn from our mistakes, preserve the soul of what we stand for
  • Remembering our values and respecting them
  • Tradition binds family